inspirational recovery stories

Daniella Park, recovery advocate, author, and founder of Doing It Sober, celebrates 17 years of sobriety and shares her incredible story. A powerful 13-minute video for anyone who is traumatized by the addiction of a loved one. This 15-minute video from Tony Hoffman is one of the best TED Talks for addiction. 14-minute video clip from Melissa Byers about addiction, harm sobriety success stories reduction, and recovery. Founded in 2013 in Salem, Massachusetts by Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jerry, The Satanic Temple gained national attention after holding a rally in Tallahassee praising then-Gov. Rick Scott for signing a bill the previous year allowing public school students to initiate prayer and read inspirational messages at assemblies and sporting events.

What is Florida HB 931 / SB 7044, School Chaplains bill?

inspirational recovery stories

I knew I wanted to do things and I would start to do things, but there was never any follow-through. Because I would start something, get taken over by the disease, and then abandon it. I got into the college I wanted to and then dropped out. So when I got sober, it gave me self-esteem, it gave me worth, it gave me a purpose.

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This task can be particularly overwhelming for those juggling careers, families, and personal interests. Summary of key points Mobility exercises are essential for maintaining and improving our health and fitness. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, adding mobility workouts into your routine can provide numerous benefits. The staff from the day I entered had an attitude of compassion. I could tell they really cared about my well-being.

Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp

’ I didn’t know I had this body that worked against me. If I did manage to stop, my mind told me that I could drink like normal people. Mandy Manners, a certified sober life coach, author, and mental health activist celebrates 5 years of sobriety and shared her experiences. 10-minute video clip from Jo Harvey Weatherford about her personal recovery journey. Have you helped someone overcome a substance use disorder?

His words are so crisp and detailed that your heart can’t help but ache with him as he wastes his savings and spends his days in dingy hotels. When it comes to addiction, you never want to slip up from a moment of boredom. You can fill your time with group meetings, classes, work, and exercise, but there will be moments when getting out of the house is simply not an option.

inspirational recovery stories

When individuals focus on the positives, they can reframe their perceptions, boost resilience, and maintain a hopeful outlook throughout their journey to recovery. Motivation plays a crucial role in addiction recovery, helping individuals navigate the challenges they face on their journey towards wellness. In this article, we will explore the importance of motivation in addiction recovery and the specific challenges that arise when trying to maintain it.

inspirational recovery stories

Disconnected Brains: How Isolation Fuels Opioid Addiction Rachel Wurzman (

inspirational recovery stories

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